The Mythical Leader Seven Myths Of Leadership (Paperback)

    The Mythical Leader Seven Myths Of Leadership (Paperback)

    Ron Edmondson
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    Who prepares pastors to lead?

    Being a leader involves much more than holding a title. And simply having a leader doesn't ensure success. This reality has never been more prevalent in the church than now, when so many churches are considered to be plateaued or dying.

    Pastor and popular blogger, Ron Edmondson believes this is due to a misunderstanding of what leadership is and what it isn't. In his work with hundreds of pastors and churches, the most common need he encounters is the need for more effective leadership in the local church. Seminaries may prepare pastors to preach, just as colleges may prepare teachers to teach, but who prepares pastors to lead?

    Simply stated: The church needs better leadership.

    In The Mythical Leader, Edmondson exposes some of the most common misunderstandings of leadership, shares stories from his own experiences, and will help church leaders develop healthier patterns to improve their individual leadership.

    While most people may have a preliminary understanding of many of these myths, they often are not lived out with a great degree of depth in the life of the church leader. Don't fall prey to these myths! If gone untreated they can be the very thing that prevents a good leader from leading well.

    About the Author

    Ron Edmondson is a pastor with a heart for the established church and church planting. With a long business background, he brings a fresh approach to Christian leadership. Ron is pastor of the historic Immanuel Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. Ron blogs regularly at Ron and his wife, Cheryl, live as empty-nesters with their spoiled Yorkiepoo named Lexi.