Hero Maker (Paperback)

    Hero Maker (Paperback)

    Dave Ferguson & Warren Bird
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    Over a course of a decade Patrick O'Connell went from being a non-leader and non-believer to leading a whole network of reproducing churches. Patrick became a Christ follower at Community Christian Church and on the evening he was baptized someone asked him to be an apprentice in a small group. Two years later he began raising support, moving to Kansas City, and serving a residency there to learn how to reproduce sites and churches.

    Every church has a different story, but all churches need a clear leadership development track for leaders, volunteer and paid. What is often missing is a path that leads to multiplication. Drawing directly from the practices of Jesus, this book focuses on helping your church outline and refine its leadership path. It helps leaders identify their starting points, and then walks them forward from there with guidance and specific examples from many different churches for points all along the way.

    The Hero Maker shows church leaders how to become a "Level 5" church led by "Level 5" leaders, redefining a church's success as more than growth - as reproducing and multiplying. Included are illustrations and field guide exercises on how to develop apprentices, lead small groups, and coach leaders.

    About the Author

    Dave Ferguson dreams of helping all people find their way back to God. He writes to inspire, instruct and collaborate with others who share this dream. To see that dream realized he uses his influence and creativity to catalyze a movement of reproducing churches. Toward that end de serves as the Lead Pastor for a remarkable group of Christ Followers called Community Christian Church and provides visionary leadership for NewThing, a global network of reproducing churches.