Everyones A Genius (Paperback)

    Everyones A Genius (Paperback)

    Alan Briggs
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    Believe it or not, everyone's a genius at something. 

    We just need to uncover and release it for the sake of the world.

    Every member of your church comes with a unique set of God-given skills and talents. As a church leader, you have the weighty task of uncovering and validating them. Your challenge is to help your members identify and unleash their gifts to bring glory to God. But in our selfie-focused society, this task can feel overwhelming.

    God doesn't see two groups: His gifted children and the rest of us. He didn't give the Great Commission only to the extremely talented—musicians, writers, artists, pastors, and church staff. He gave it to all of us. To each of us. So, how do we help our members find their "sweet spots" of service in the kingdom?

    In Everyone's a Genius, author, pastor, and leadership consultant Alan Briggs, shares his belief that bringing out the abilities of often overlooked Christians—those whose unique skill sets are not as easily identifiable—remains a key component that will determine the church's impact in this and coming generations. This is an inspiring look at how we can more effectively motivate Christians to leverage their personal abilities for Christ.

    The truth is, reading this book is risky! It can change how you see every person you're leading. It can make you see your community differently. It can help you find gifts within your church family that will surprise you. It can also unlock something within you that you never knew mattered to God. It can expand your vision of the world, deepen your appreciation for "the least of these," and refocus the mission of your church.

    Perhaps God will use this book to take you on a journey toward a more appropriate theology of creativity. Yes, it’s a risk, but a risk we simply must take to impact the world for Jesus.

    Are you in?

    About the Author

    Alan Briggs is the Director of Frontline Church Planting, a network and hub for connecting and equipping mission-centered leaders. He is also the Multiplying Pastor at Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs and a gospel conspirator in his neighbourhood. He is the author of two books, Staying is the new Going and Guardrails, and speaks about unlocking the Body of Christ to serve inside and outside the walls.