Doing Business With Purpose (Paperback)

    Doing Business With Purpose (Paperback)

    Francois Van Niekerk
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    Francois’ testimony is powerful and life changing. This handbook for significance in business will encourage you to trust God above all.”


    Forbes Magazine recognised entrepreneur Francois van Niekerk as continental Africa’s leading philanthropist.  His testimony is about how God turned human failure into success on a global scale. Francois’s unique contribution is rationally explaining not only how to work with God in business but the unexpected ease and astonishing benefit of even working with the Creator as your controlling Shareholder.

         He started a small IT business in Pretoria, South Africa at age 40.  Without capital, the business soon faced bankruptcy and Francois turned to God in desperation. Following a divine turnaround, the Mergon Group steadily grew to an international conglomerate with business operations  throughout Africa, Australia, the UK, Central- and Eastern Europe and the US.

         The book is an account of the management lessons learnt whilst actually working with God in business.  Over the past 38 years 70% ownership in the Mergon Group was transferred to a totally independent community trust, the Mergon Foundation, supporting some 800 Christian community projects in Africa and the Middle East.


    About the Author


    Francois van Niekerk recently retired after a successful career as an entrepreneur. From a challenging start up with no capital, his business developed over 38 years into an international group. Mergon is active in Africa, the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, the US and Australia with interests spread over ten diverse industry sectors. When Francois stepped down as CEO of the group in 2008, the business had posted a compound average annual growth of 49 per cent per year for the preceding 20 year period. This book is a testimony of how God transformed human failure into success on a global scale and of how He exponentially unfolds the unexpected as we grow our relationship with Him.