KJV Reese Chronological Study Bible (Hardcover)

    KJV Reese Chronological Study Bible (Hardcover)

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    Classic KJV Chronological Bible Now Redesigned with In-Depth Study Notes

    With over 200,000 copies sold, the Reese Chronological Bible is the trusted text for those reading through the King James Version in historical order. Now this classic Bible has a fully redesigned two-color interior packed full of in-depth study materials, including:

    ·         detailed timelines

    ·         geographical and archeological notes that help verify Scripture accounts

    ·         cultural and historical notes that shed light on biblical contexts

    ·         explanations of difficult passages and words

    ·         ages and genealogies of key figures

    ·         translations of weights and measurements to today's usage

    ·         365-day reading plan

    Arranged in chronological sections, this easy-to-use volume will help you understand the Bible, its story--and its significance to us today--even better.