Kingsbury Brush of Wings


A poignant tale of love, sacrifice, and the power of faith.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes the third novel in an unforgettable series about divine intervention and the trials and triumphs of life for a group of friends.

Despite needing a heart transplant and against the advice of her doctor, Mary Catherine moves to Uganda to work at a new orphanage. Whatever time she has left, Mary Catherine wants to spend it helping children—especially since there will be no children of her own. The only problem is Major League Baseball player Marcus Dillinger, the man she never meant to fall in love with. Neither Marcus nor Mary Catherine’s other friends—Tyler Ames and Sami Dawson—know just how serious her heart condition is.

Still, Marcus is sure in the depths of his soul that something isn’t right. Ultimately his correspondence with Mary Catherine leads him on a desperate life-or-death mission to rescue her and get her to a US hospital before time runs out. Meanwhile, Sami and Tyler struggle with issues of their own. In a season when Tyler plans to ask Sami to marry him, the very core of their relationship is in jeopardy.

The team of angels walking is busier than ever in this epic battle between life and death.


Karen Kingsbury

Karen has a true love for her readers, and she has nearly 280,000 friends on Facebook along with more than 32,000 followers on Twitter. The popular social-networking sites have allowed Karen daily interaction with her reader friends.

After graduating from college in 1986 with a degree in journalism, Karen became a full-time reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Her first book, Missy’s Murder, was based on a murder story she covered in Los Angeles as a reporter. She sold a version of the story to People magazine in 1989. A New York agent read the story and asked her for a book proposal. The book hit stores in 1992. She then wrote three more true crime novels under the pen name Kelsey Tyler. She followed this with four collections of answered prayers and miracle stories, before transitioning to inspirational Christian fiction in 1998.

Karen, a USA Today and New York Times best-selling author of over 50 books, has over 25 million copies of her titles in print. All the books in her Above the Line and Baxter Family series have been best-sellers.

Karen has won numerous awards, including two Gold Medallion Awards, three Retailer’s Choice Awards, and the Author of the Year Award from Logos Bookstores. Her critical success is matched by popular acclaim and correspondence from tens of thousands of readers who have said Karen’s fiction has dramatically changed their lives. These letters and e-testimonials of improved marriages, spiritual awakening, and newfound hope enabled her to formally trademark her work as Life-Changing Fiction™.

Karen’s novels have been a magnet for film and television producers. One of her earlier books, Deadly Pretender, was made into a CBS Movie-of-the-Week called, Every Woman’s Dream, which starred Kim Cattrall. Several of her recent novels, including Like Dandelion Dust, A Thousand Tomorrows, Ever After, and Gideon’s Gift have been turned into full-length movies.

Karen and her husband, Don, have been married for more than 20 years. They live in Nashville, Tennessee, and are parents to six children, three of whom are adopted from Haiti.

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