Khumbula (DVD)

    Khumbula (DVD)

    Flutetrby Productions
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    All a boy has is what his father taught him.

    Khumbula is an African Adventure about a boy, Jamie, who visits his father on a South-African game farm. James (Jamie’s Dad) works as a Game Warden at a local Ranch, where constant struggles with poachers and the safety of the animals are their main concern. A camping expedition for boy scouts has Jamie all caught up in the excitement of friends and fun in the bushveld. The excitement fades however, when they are accidentally left behind in the bush. They come across a fresh impala kill and run into Game Poachers, who in turn kidnaps the boys to prevent them from calling the authorities. Jamie escapes, alone in the bush and his survival depends on the lessons his Dad taught him. James’ determination to find the boys and get them home safely might be all that stands between them and tragedy.