Its Not Too Late (Paperback)

    Its Not Too Late (Paperback)

    Dan Dupee
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    You can still shape your teens faith.

    It has long been said that once kids are in high school and college, they are beyond the influence of their parents. This pervasive cultural myth is not supported by research, biblical teaching, or even anecdotal accounts. Yet because of it, many Christian parents live in silent angst about the faith of their older and adult children, thinking they can no longer do anything to shape their kids' spiritual and life decisions.

    Drawing on sociological research and Scripture, Dan Dupee shows you that it is not too late--and in fact these turbulent years of transitioning into adulthood are a time when your kids may need your guidance the most. He shows you how to make the most out of the opportunities you have to offer guidance, wisdom, and spiritual support, with the goal of seeing your children not just survive college with faith intact but enter adulthood with a faith of their own--one that will carry them through all that life brings their way.


    "Parenting is the most difficult, painful, glorious and sweet gift I have known in this life. Parenting college-aged young adults is as complex as any calling on earth. Dan Dupee--a parent, an educator, and president of one of the most remarkable college ministries in America--offers tender, humbly wise, and compelling counsel for walking the tightrope of parenting children who are of the age to not want to be parented. Dan guides us to neither give in to the need to micromanage nor justify cowardly detachment. Further, he explores the wealth of opportunities to participate in learning to join your child in the adventure of making faith the framework to explore all knowledge. Your relationship with your child will grow far beyond your wildest dreams as you explore this glorious book." - Dan B. Allender, professor of counselling psychology and founding president of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology; author of How Children Raise Parents and Healing the Wounded Heart

    "Dan Dupee has great news for all of us raising teenagers: We continue to be the most influential people in our kids' lives. With biblical wisdom and a healthy dose of common sense, Dan encourages us to realize that our teenagers need us now more than ever--and with love and guidance, we can send our kids out into the world with a vibrant faith of their own." - Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

    "As a parent of two teenagers, I found it's not too late both encouraging and empowering. Dan Dupee deconstructs myths that leave moms and dads feeling inadequate to influence their children's faith and replaces them with God's wisdom, grounded in Scripture, sociological research, and anecdotal experience. You will find help and hope in these pages!" - Jerusha Clark, co-author of Your Teenager's Not Crazy

    "It's Not Too Late. That is Dan Dupee's important message to parents of children who are in the transition from child to adult. As a college professor myself, I see many people in this age group every day, and while they are coming under other influences, I agree that parents remain vitally important in the lives of these young men and women. Dan gives great practical advice based on theological insight and, out of his long experience as CEO of the Coalition for Christian Outreach, a deep knowledge of this age group and their parents. Every parent ought to read this book!" - Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

    About the Author

    Dan Dupee is chairman of the board of the Coalition for Christian Outreach, a Pittsburgh-based campus ministry working annually with over 32,000 students on over 115 campuses. He brings together biblical truth, sociological research, college transition findings, and focus group work with parents of adolescents to develop principles that are fresh, clarifying additions to a growing body of research on teen faith development. Dan and his wife, Carol, are the parents of four children. They live in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.