Is Jesus Enough?/Angus Buchan On Freedom (DVD)(Combo)

    Is Jesus Enough?/Angus Buchan On Freedom (DVD)(Combo)

    Angus Buchan
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    Is Jesus enough for you? Can you with absolute certainty say that He is? Or do you consider Him a kind of by-the-way add-on to your life – a nice-to-have, but not a necessity? In Is Jesus Enough?, Angus Buchan reminds readers that if they make Jesus their main objective, His blessings will follow. Angus shares true stories of what the lives of people look like who believed that Jesus was enough for them – from Billy Graham and David Livingstone to personal accounts of people Angus met on his journeys.


    Dear Friends, I really trust that you enjoy these messages. The Lord impressed upon me, very heavily, to speak about Freedom. Wherever I go, I find there are people that are struggling with the truth and with Freedom. In my travels I have seen so many people that are in Bondage. Probably one of the worst forms of bondage is to self. These messages are from my heart and from personal experience. I really believe that as you watch these messages you are going to be liberated by the Holy Spirit to live the life that God meant for you to live. I trust that they will bless you and your family and I believe that through the unction of the Holy Spirit they will help to break the shackles that are holding you back and you will start to walk a life of freedom and liberty, a life of purpose, and most of all a life of peace. God bless you” -Angus Buchan.