Unstoppable (Paperback)

    Unstoppable (Paperback)

    Nick Vujicic
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    To fully experience a ridiculously good life, you must assess your limitations, plan your path to success, become your own best friend - then take action.

    Building upon the best-selling success of his first book, Life Without Limits, Nick Vujicic - an internationally-known motivational speaker and evangelist - explains in Faith in Action how anyone can release the power to become all they were created to be. Whether it's faith in their purpose, beliefs, talents, creativity, or relationships, all people can take control of their life and achieve their dreams. So many people of all ages who s peak to Nick, write, or leave messages on his website convey that they feel adrift and out of control. They say they admire Nick because he hasn't allowed his lack of limbs to isolate him, defeat him, or crush his spirit. How have you managed to build such a ridiculously good life? they ask. In a word, Nick's answer is: act!