ICB Blessed Garden Bible (Hardcover)

    ICB Blessed Garden Bible (Hardcover)

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    The ICB Blessed Garden Bible combines the understandable International Children's Bible text with the beauty and popularity of florals, glitter, and a secret garden. Fashioned after the popular contemporary floral trends, this new ICB Blessed Garden Bible is a beautiful way for little girls to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of The International Children's Bible®.
    The International Children's Bible® translation, the Bible kids can read and understand, has a simple third-grade reading level. With its easy-to-read text, the ICB is the ideal translation for children beginning to read and learn the Bible.

    The ICB Blessed Garden Bible is a full-text ICB Bible with swirling, floral details, foils, and glitter with a garden motif. This will appeal to both moms and daughters, as it capitalizes on a very organic trend. Inside features 24 pages of colorful study help inserts such as "Why I Should Read the Bible," "How Do I Know Jesus Loves Me?," "How Do I Pray?," "How Do I Study the Bible?," "The Names of God," "The Miracles of Jesus," and many more.