I Want To Thank You (CD)

    I Want To Thank You (CD)

    Mighty Clouds Of
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    Original Gospel songs with a smooth R&B sound.

    Their forty years in gospel demonstrate the extraordinary staying power of the Mighty Clouds of Joy. Experience, in life and music, resonates in everything they sing and through the years, The Mighty Clouds of Joy have poured that experience into more than thirty record albums. They were one of the first gospel groups to incorporate R&B techniques—such as drums and stylized choreography. Known as the “Temptations of Gospel,” the Mighty Clouds of Joy, like the Motown group, exhibit a sophisticated masculine style. Their exuberant inventiveness alienated some conservative gospel listeners.

    During the 1970s, the Mighty Clouds began experimenting with more commercial forms, particularly the smoother R&B sound that later became the province of singers like Al Green. Some listeners felt this was moving away from the true meaning of gospel. The Mighty Clouds believed that through the commercial market they could reach a whole new audience, especially young people in the black ghettos, who they felt needed to hear gospel’s message.