I Like Giving (Paperback)

    I Like Giving (Paperback)

    Brad Formsma
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    See how you can give in personal ways, face to face, and become part of the story of life change.

    Brad Formsma, founder of the unique website, ILikeGiving.com, invites visitors to the site to share their stories of giving to others in their local world and how it has changed not only the receivers’ lives but also the givers’ lives. In his book, Formsma further develops the concept of his website, drawing people to a lifestyle of giving by discussing the power of giving person to person, face to face, providing ideas for giving in the reader’s own circles, creating a giving culture in families, and showing how to capture those stories of giving. Both prescriptive and story-based, I Like Giving offers unique connections to the website and the I Like Giving concept.

    About the Author

    Brad Formsma is the founder of ILikeGiving.com and a field team member of Generous Giving. He serves on the board of trustees of the National Christian Foundation- West Michigan, and has a bachelor’s degree in management from Spring Arbor University. He and his wife, Laura, have three children.