I Am N: Inspiring Stories Of Christians Facing Islamic Extremists (Paperback)

    I Am N: Inspiring Stories Of Christians Facing Islamic Extremists (Paperback)

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    Have you considered the cost of following Jesus?

    Yousef, whose mother threatened to kill him for owning a Bible, smuggles Bibles the way his family once smuggled drugs.

    After her employer beats her for attending church, Parveen begins to help other young Christian women who works in Muslim houses.

    Abdulmasi kills hundreds of Christians in northern Nigeria with no remorse-until the day he chooses a new life of faith and sacrifices everything for a God of love.

    How can you be inspired by these faith-filled brothers and sisters around the world? How can you pray for them? And what do their remarkable stories teach you about a God whose light shines in a dark world?

    I Am N reminds you that we are each “n,” -the letter radical Muslims use to identify followers of Jesus the Nazarene. Wherever you live, you have camaraderie with those who are persecuted. So come meet their families. Read their stories. And deepen your faith in a God who gives you the courage to shine in a dark and hurting world.

    About the Author

    The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) is a non-profit, interdenominational mission organization that offers practical and spiritual help to persecuted Christians around the world. Founded in 1967, VOM is dedicated to inspiring all believers to deepen their commitment to Christ and in fulfil his Great Commission no matter the cost.