I Am Found (Paperback)

    I Am Found (Paperback)

    Laura Dingman
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    A six-week Bible study to help women experience freedom from shame and confidence in Christ.

    Women are created to connect, but many of us live with walls up and hearts closed. We long to be truly known and deeply loved, but are hesitant to show others who we really are. What would it take for us to let go and stand tall and unashamed?

    I Am Found is a six-week Bible study on shame and identity, exploring how women can own their stories, trust God’s affections, and relate honestly with Him and others. Each week begins with biblical teaching and is followed by five days of guided reflection. Drenched in Scripture, and allowing plenty of space to journal and savor biblical truths, I Am Found welcomes women on a personal journey of transformation through God’s Word.

     Also available in Afrikaans under the title Jy is kosbaar.

     About the Author

    Laura Dingman spends most of her time creating and leading worship experiences that help connect people with the story of God. She has served in vocational ministry as the Creative Arts Director at The Creek, a large church in Indianapolis, for over a decade. She loves to show people where their story intersects with God's story. She enjoys belting Broadway, laughing hysterically, reading great books, and living life with her favorite two people in the whole world, her husband, Matt, and her spunky daughter, Abigail. You can learn more about her journey and connect with her at www.lauradingman.com.