Hillsong - No Other Name

No Other Name is this year’s highly anticipated annual Hillsong Worship album release, with 11 original songs perfect for individual and congregational worship.
Featuring the songwriting, worship leadership, musicianship and vocals of those now well-known as the Hillsong Worship team, including Reuben Morgan, Ben
Fielding, Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, Nigel Hendroff, Autumn Hardman, Annie Garrett, Jad Gillies, David Ware and Taya Smith.
The album’s prominent songs include the title track, No Other Name, which captures Hillsong Church’s current season of building on the foundations of the past three decades
and ‘pioneering again’, whilst continuing to lift up the One it all began with, Jesus.

“As a team we have always sought, and will always seek to bring worship to the One whose Name is above all
names... Jesus. We pray that our songs would be those that do not prioritise being cool or relevant, or musically
clever, or theological grandstanding, above simply allowing God His rightful place in our worship. That Jesus
would be the One who gets seen and that, through worship, people would connect with Him.”

was R 129.95

01 This I Believe (The Creed)

02 Heaven And Earth

03 Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)

04 No Other Name

05 Depths

06 Calvary


07 Thank You Jesus

08 All Things New

09 My Story

10 Our Father

11 Mountain