Hes Almost A Teenager (Paperback)

    Hes Almost A Teenager (Paperback)

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    A guide to meaningful parent-son conversations

    Do you know what your son really thinks about girls, school, God, his future? It's not easy to be sure, is it? Boys aren't known for being great communicators, especially entering their teen years. How do you connect with him on the things that are important to both of you?

    Based on tried-and-true parenting wisdom, this book shares fun, thoughtful questions and talking points that lead to meaningful, natural conversations about

    ·         physical and emotional changes your son is facing

    ·         staying pure in an oversexualized culture

    ·         using social media responsibly

    ·         and much more

    This structured approach offers practical ways to bond with your son and encourage him in his faith, talk about the challenges he faces in school and with friends, and show him that you love him dearly before he enters the turbulent teen years.

    About the Author

    Peter and Heather Larson regularly teach, write, and lead marriage and family groups together. Peter is a licensed psychologist, and Heather, a certified life coach, works with Focus on the Family's National Institute of Marriage. The Larsons have three tween- and teenaged children (a son and two daughters) and live in Minnesota.

    Coauthors David and Claudia Arp founders of Marriage Alive, are creators of the 10 Great Dates program, which is popular across the U.S. and internationally. Frequently appearing in national media, the Arps have written more than thirty books, including Suddenly They're 13--Or the Art of Hugging a Cactus. They live in Virginia.