Growing Up With Jesus Daily Devotional (Hardcover)

    Growing Up With Jesus Daily Devotional (Hardcover)

    Andy Holmes
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    As your kids grow, make sure their faith is growing too.

    God loves to see children grow—but more than anything, He wants them to grow closer to Him. Kids can grow on the inside by spending time each day with Jesus!

    Each of these 100 short devotionals offers a Bible verse, a “Thought to Grow On” devotion, and a challenge that will help kids connect to God and build a relationship with Him. God’s creation is magnified through amazing facts about the world and the unique way God makes each child.

    With a vibrant design and super-cool facts that are sure to keep readers’ attention, this book is a perfect choice for growing the faith of kids ages 6 to 10.

    Features & Benefits:

        More than 120,000 copies sold in earlier formats
        Shows kids God’s creation from the Word and from the child’s world
        Includes fascinating and educational facts about God’s wonderful creation
        An excellent book for family devotion time
        Highly designed interior with updated look and new trim size

    About the Author

    Andy Holmes is a creator, performer, writer, and songwriter. He is a frequent conference speaker, teacher, and workshop leader at events all over the country. Andy has appeared on The 700 Club and numerous other talk/interview radio and television programs. He is the author of the Tommy Nelson children’s books Growing with Jesus and the Bible for Me series.