Greatest Hits Dc Talk (CD)

    Greatest Hits Dc Talk (CD)

    DC Talk
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    Greatest Hits: Dc Talk (CD)


    You’re at the store, you want to get the perfect CD for your friends or family, you know the artists they like, but which CD is the best choice? Make it easy on yourself and get the Greatest Hits album. It’s usually the safest and most trusted purchase of any artist’s catalog. Also, studies have proven that Greatest Hits are highly impulse driven purchases; truly a case of if you position it, they will buy it. This summer, EMI CMG takes the best-selling greatest hits albums of recent years and repackages them into easy to position jewel cases. These are the songs and artists that fans want and are priced to move off the shelves. In our busy world, sometimes you just need to be reminded of classic songs and artists – these Greatest Hits albums will trigger memories for fans and they’ll want to take those memories home.