Good News To The Poor (Paperback)

    Good News To The Poor (Paperback)

    Tim Chester
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    Help them or tell them?
    Be like Jesus or talk about Jesus?
    Social action or gospel proclamation?

    Quite often we find ourselves gravitating toward one of those modes over the other—at times going so far as to pit word against deed, as if the two were mutually exclusive. Yet Good News to the Poor shows us how both are integrated in the biblical vision of mission so that we may become both evangelists and activists—Christians who talk the talk and who walk the walk.

    About the Author

    Tim Chester (PhD, University of Wales) is a pastor of Grace Church, Boroughbridge, and curriculum director of the Acts 29-Oak Hill Academy, which provides integrated theological and missional training for church leaders. He is the coauthor of Total Church and is the author of over thirty books, including You Can Change, A Meal with Jesus, and Good News to the Poor.