God's Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible (Hardcover)

    God's Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible (Hardcover)

    Sheila Walsh
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    This popular devotional Bible teaches boys how to be the mighty warriors God created them to be.
    Even though they are often filled with energy and imagination, boys may not always feel very mighty. With this devotional Bible in storybook format, boys can learn how to be strong, honorable, courageous, and true. Selections of Bible text from the International Children’s Bible are combined with delightful articles to help a budding warrior earn his armor and grow strong in the Lord
    Features include:

    The Belt of Truth (Morals and values)Guard Your Heart (Manners for boys)
    Shield of Faith (How to make right choices) 
    Helmet of Salvation (Knowing right from wrong)
    Sword of the Spirit (Scripture memory) Mighty Warriors (Bible heroes)
    Adventure Quest (Encouragement for imagination and adventure)