God's Best Secrets (Paperback)

    God's Best Secrets (Paperback)

    Andrew Murray
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    Unlock God’s best secrets through 366 devotions.

    Do you want your quiet time with God to be intimate, powerful and refreshing? Do you want to know what God’s best secrets are when it comes to prayer?

    In the timeless devotional God’s Best Secrets, Andrew Murray reveals eight of God’s best secrets, which he learned by spend­ing time alone with God:

    • The Secret of Fellowship
    • The Secret of Intercession
    • The Secret of Adoration
    • The Secret of the Faith Life
    • The Secret of United Prayer
    • The Secret of the Cross
    • The Secret of the Abiding Presence
    • The Secret of the Inspiration

    Unlocking these secrets will help you to experience God’s abiding presence, answers to prayer, success in witnessing to others, joy in fellowship with God, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, perfect peace in life’s storms, living and reigning with Jesus in heaven, and abun­dant life in Christ. You will know that all of God’s promises for you are guaranteed to be fulfilled and that He has already granted you everything you could ever need.

    This edition of God’s Best Secrets preserves the beauty and insight of the original work, while the lan­guage has been updated to contemporary English.

    Also available in Afrikaans as Die geheimenisse van God.

    About the author

    Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was an ama­zingly pro­lific Christian writer. He lived and ministered as both a pastor and author in the towns and villages of South Africa, and new books from his pen were awaited with great eagerness. Many people the world over have hailed Andrew Murray as their spi­­ritual father and given credit for much of their Christian growth to the influ­ence of his priceless books.