Friendship With God (Paperback)

    Friendship With God (Paperback)

    Trevor Hudson
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    Are you open to re-imagining your relationship with God as a friendship?

    Do you want to be transformed into the person God wants you to be? Friendship with God transforms you. As you learn to trust God as your Divine Friend, it has a transforming effect on your whole life. It affects how you pray, your relationship with others and the way you understand your everyday life. It changes the way you think and feel, what you desire and long for, the way you see others and how you seek to live your life in the world. You could say your friendship with God creates the climate in which you become the person God wants you to be.

    In Friendship with God, Trevor Hudson digs into these two interwoven themes of friendship and personal transformation. He explains that friendship is a helpful analogy for the intimate kind of relationship God wants with you.

    Topics that are addressed include:

    ·         Living Beyond Loneliness

    ·         God’s Passionate Longing for Friendship

    ·         Getting to Know Your Friend

    ·         Understanding Prayer as Deepening Friendship

    ·         Looking Outward Together

    ·         Exploring Your Friend’s Address Book

    ·         Discerning What Your Friend Wants You to Do

    ·         Blessing Others as Your Friend Has Blessed You

    ·         Facing Your Fears with Your Friend

    ·         Asking Your Friend the Hardest Question

    About the Author

    Trevor Hudson, a Methodist minister, pastoral therapist, and widely sought-after speaker, is a gifted teacher who encourages people through stories of his personal spiritual journey. Hudson lives in Benoni, South Africa.