Fresh Songs Fresh Voices (CD)

    Fresh Songs Fresh Voices (CD)

    Various Artists
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    Introducing FRESH songs and FRESH voices, a collection of 12 brand new songs, written and performed by 7 amazingly FRESH artists. Not all of them are FRESH in the sense they are not all “new” artists. But they all have a FRESH approach to life, to God’s love and to their own unique musical ministries.


    Neville D is well known and respected in the music scene, both in South Africa and abroad, for his prolific song writing and producing on numerous other artist projects. He performs here with Lindi Delport from the band Anders – a fresh and surprising departure from Neville’s usual style.


    Jason Zeeman too, has been writing, recording and performing for more than 10 years and has earned respect from many well-known international artists and music publications. In All Things New,he is joined by Tree63’s John Ellis, - it is a fresh song that will delight you.


    The other artists featured on FRESH may be less known, but each in their own way has already had a profound effect in their respective communities. They are all active, regularly performing live; have all had numerous songs play listed on community radio; a few have appeared repeatedly on television and all have an impressive social media following.


    And the best part of FRESH – it is presented at a low price as way of introducing something FRESH and new to our customers.