Forever Yours 5 In 1 (Paperback)

    Forever Yours 5 In 1 (Paperback)

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    A collection of five unique and inspiring romance stories, demonstrating how a love meant to be can be restored when God is given first place.

    In Castle in the Clouds, Nancie Nickelson finds her ex-husband has taken up writing, and has created a character based on her - and now she wants him back. But is it too late?

    In Familiar Strangers, a terrible event separated Sara Jennings from her memories, her fiancée, and her family. Is there hope for picking up where she and Daniel Matthews left off?

    One Last Christmas introduces us to Sylvia Benson, who just wants one more family Christmas before she signs the divorce papers with her husband of 25-years. Randy agrees, since one more week can't make a difference - or can it?

    A Wedding Renewal in Sweetwater, Texas, Sylvia Baxter is so busy with life and motherhood that she failed to realize how far apart she and her husband have drifted. Will Wilson's work manage to drive an even bigger wedge between them?

    In Major League Dad, Blair Montgomery just wants to live a low-key life, which is why she annulled her marriage to Mason Walker, a high-profile baseball player. But soon he is volunteering at her son's baseball camp - has she really escaped her love for Mason?