Allen White
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    This book brims with effective strategies for recruiting leaders, connecting members into groups, coaching groups for success, and giving people something to say yes to, even when they have rejected church-wide campaigns previously offered by their churches. Keys to effective, ongoing groups include leadership training, ongoing coaching, appropriate recordkeeping, as well as a sequence of aligned series rather than just a single occasional campaign. This book provides fundamentals that will insure ongoing success—proven principles used effectively in hundreds of churches across North America.
    Readers of Exponential Groups will learn how to connect their “unconnected” members into community, recruit the group leaders needed to connect and grow their congregation, coach group leaders for a sustainable group structure that will serve their church for years to come, understand how to maintain current discipleship strategies, and implement new strategies without alienating their members or derailing their current systems.

    About the Authors


    Allen White has served on staff at New Life Christian Center, California, and Brookwood Church, South Carolina, and has coached over 1,500 churches across North America. Allen teaches workshops for various churches and organizations, such as Saddleback Church and Willow Creek Canada, and is part of the Small Group Network out of Saddleback Church, which has chapters in all fifty states and many countries. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies and Missions and an MDiv in Christian Education from Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri.