Experiencing The Presence Of God (Paperback)

    Experiencing The Presence Of God (Paperback)

    A W Tozer & James Snyder
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    "True and absolute freedom is only found in the presence of God."--A.W. Tozer

    Deep in the soul of every person on earth is a longing for the presence of God. But how do you get there?

    Experiencing the Presence of God is a never-before-published collection of teachings from A.W. Tozer on the book of Hebrews that shows us the way. Tozer, the renowned pastor and theologian, challenges your status quo, invites you to explore a fresh understanding of what it means to dwell in God's presence, and leads you to experience the divine fulfilment for which you were created!

    As Tozer says, "We should come to church not anticipating entertainment but expecting the high and holy manifestation of God's presence. . . . Worship is not some performance you do, but a presence you experience." Come alongside Tozer and enter into God's presence right now.


    "By rubbing shoulders with A.W. Tozer on the pages of his books, I am led to worship God and am drawn closer to my Saviour and King." - Randy Alcorn

    About the Authors

    A.W. Tozer (1897 - 1963) was a self-taught theologian, pastor, and writer whose powerful words continue to grip the intellect and stir the soul of today's believer. He authored more than 40 books. The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of the Holy are considered modern devotional classics.

    Reverend James L. Snyder is an award-winning author whose writings have appeared in more than 80 periodicals and 15 books. He is recognized as an authority on the life and ministry of A.W. Tozer. His first book, In Pursuit of God: The Life of A.W. Tozer, won the Reader's Choice Award in 1992 by Christianity Today. Because of his thorough knowledge of Tozer, James was given the rights from the A.W. Tozer estate to produce new books derived from over 400 never-before-published audio tapes. James and his wife live in Ocala, Florida.