Multi-Careering (Frames)(Paperback)

    Multi-Careering (Frames)(Paperback)

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    LEAD A LIFE THAT MEANS SOMETHING. This FRAME is for anyone navigating the 'new normal' of careers. You want a career that's meaningful. Whether in a coffee shop or an executive office, in a school or hospital, you long to do work that matters. Yet you won't always find that work in the 8 to 5, which means you have to find it elsewhere. Sometimes following your calling means taking a risk, getting creative. Sometimes it means multi-careering. Whether you've had a handful of careers in your lifetime or a handful of careers this month, consider Multi-Careering your guidebook to find work that matters---work that leaves the world in a better place than you found it. Multi-Careering is part of the FRAMES series - short yet meaningful reads on the top issues facing us in today's complex culture.