Divine Applause (Paperback)

    Divine Applause (Paperback)

    Jeff Anderson
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    Kyle Idleman and Francis Chan achieved best-seller status by helping to guide readers to a more challenging, more authentic, way of following Jesus. Now, Jeff Anderson connects a believer’s responsibility toward God with God’s overpowering delight in his children, opening the way to a previously untapped depth of relationship.

    Readers will embrace Jeff Anderson’s study of God and his children, showing that working through a checklist has never been what God wanted from his people. Instead, God looks for his children to take risks in connecting with him in individually unique, unscheduled, non-formulaic ways. Anderson introduces readers to basic spiritual practices that orient life toward God and open the reader to experiencing God’s delight and care.

    About the Author

    Jeff Anderson consults with churches, religious groups, humanitarian initiatives, and charitable organizations to help them show donors that philanthropy is much more than assuaging their conscience or making them feel better about Americans’ relative affluence in the world. In addition to speaking, teaching, and consulting, Anderson is the author of Plastic Donuts. He began his career working as a CPA for a Big Six accounting firm, then resigned to become a day trader in the stock market. Following that, he joined Crown Financial Ministries as vice-president for North America Generosity Initiatives. He now works full-time in financial counseling, speaking, teaching, and consulting in the field of giving and personal financial management. He lives in Tulsa with his wife, Stephanie, and their three children.