Distinctly You (Paperback)

    Distinctly You (Paperback)

    Cheryl Martin
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    Free yourself from the burden to compare and compete.

    We've all heard the messages: "Aim for the top. You can be whatever you want to be." But being successful isn't just about achieving your personal goals and becoming the best at everything you set your mind to. Whether or not you win the gold medal or climb to the top slot at work, you will only find true success if you are distinctly you, the person God created you to be for His glory.

    Cheryl Martin shows you how to thrive in your God-given uniqueness rather than becoming fixated on what you are not or do not have. You don't want to waste your life aiming at the bull's-eye on someone else's board, pursuing a race you were never equipped to run. Distinctly You uses Cheryl's personal odyssey and close study of Scripture to unveil the actions and attitudes that both block and build your distinction.

    Don't be fooled by internal and external doubts--God has prepared you for a unique purpose that only you can accomplish. Let this book clear the way for you to become all you were meant to be.

    About the Author

    Cheryl Martin is an inspirational speaker and host of the weekly radio program Excellent Living. She was a popular news anchor and moderator of Lead Story at the national cable network Black Entertainment Television (BET). Cheryl received a master's degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University. She has served on the boards of World Vision USA, ECFA, and Wycliffe. Cheryl lives near Washington, DC.