Peace In His Presence Large Print (Padded Hardcover)

    Peace In His Presence Large Print (Padded Hardcover)

    Angus Buchan
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    We can never spend too much time with God.

    “If I can only have a moment of peace. Just an hour or two with no worries, no cares, no troubles … just peace and quiet.” We’ve all felt like this at one point or another. When our schedules are packed and everything just seems to go wrong, all we want to do is run away. But we seldom can.

    Peace can, however, be achieved without running away and hiding. The 366 devotions in Peace in His Presence by Angus Buchan will help you to find peace amidst the hustle and bustle, worries and troubles of everyday life. You will discover that peace is possible no matter your circumstances if you spend time in God’s presence. Find out what it means to cast your cares on God, to be in Jesus’ presence, to conquer life’s troubles through God’s strength, and to weather the storms of life with God by your side.

    Peace in His Presence will revitalize and refresh your soul with a Scripture passage for each day, a meditation in Angus’s characteristic conversational style as well as a prayer. Find your place of peace and draw closer to God. All things are possible with Him, and He can and will give you the peace you need for every day.

    Also available in Afrikaans as Vrede in sy teenwoordigheid.

    About the author

    Angus Buchan felt God’s calling on his life to spread the gospel, and in 1980 started Shalom Ministries in South Africa. He spends much of his time writing, recording TV messages, and traveling around the world preaching. He is a full-time evangelist and sought-after speaker. Angus lives with his wife, Jill, on Shalom farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.