Deep Influence (Paperback)

    Deep Influence (Paperback)

    T J Addington
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    Too much attention is paid to leadership techniques and far too little to the kind of heart and mind from which the best leadership emanates. The path to truly influential leadership is found in the discipline of practices hidden from the public eye that deeply inform our public leadership. Our convictions, our call, our understanding of ourselves and heart commitments are where it all begins. Character, courage, wisdom, integrity, humility, spiritual depth, endurance, perseverance, kindness, and vision all come from a place deep inside our hearts and souls—the hidden interior and recesses of our lives, whose channels lead to deep veins of God’s work and molding.

    About the Author

    T. J. Addington is a senior vice president with the EFCA and the leader of Reach Global, the international mission of the EFCA. T. J. has consulted with numerous churches and Christian organizations to help develop healthy, intentional leadership and governance systems that build organizational health. He resides with his wife of 36 years, Mary Ann, in Oakdale, MN, is the father of two sons, and has two grandsons. He is the author of several books including High Impact Church Boards, Leading from the Sandbox, Live Like You Mean It, and When Life Comes Undone.