The Daniel Prayer For Parents (Paperback)

    The Daniel Prayer For Parents (Paperback)

    George Sawyer
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    Prayer can define the destiny of a generation

    Never has a generation been as assaulted and abused, both inside and out of the womb, as today’s youth. You must recognize and respond to this satanic assault with an even greater intensity and devotion. You must pray for this chosen generation.

    The Daniel Prayer for Parents draws from the biblical account of Daniel and his fellow captives as they not only survived but also thrived in an environment that could not have been more antagonistic. Daniel’s secrets to success will teach you how to pray for your children as they walk through the challenging developmental years of life. You will learn key principles to pray effectively for your children to have:

                        GOOD HEALTH

                        EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE

                        A RESOLVE TO SERVE GOD

                        DIVINE FAVOR


    Your children and grandchildren were not born to become the latest casualties in Satan’s assault, but rather the newest conquerors!

    About the Author

    George Sawyer is the founding pastor of Calvary Assembly in Decatur, Alabama, which is one of the largest Assemblies of God churches in America. He has travelled to over thirty countries conducting pastors’ training conferences as well as evangelistic crusades. He is a frequent guest on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Sawyer is also the author of The Resurrection of Authentic Manhood.