Dancing In The Light (Hardcover)

    Dancing In The Light (Hardcover)

    Karen Whiting
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    Dancing in the Light is a daily guide for today’s Christian woman to live the life God has designed for her.
    Every day focuses on a Scripture passage specially selected for women, revealing the character of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in relation to Godly womanhood.
    Karen Whiting seeks to help women apply God’s Word to their lives. She shows how the Bible is still relevant to situations we face and that it is a practical guide to living as women of God every day.
    It has been divided in eight sections, namely:

    • Significance
    • Relationships & Communication
    • Understanding Men
    • Choices
    • Stress & Community
    • Beauty & Health
    • Hope & Contentment
    • Faith & Love

    Dancing in the Light will inspire women of all walks of life to read the Bible at a more life-changing level than ever before.