Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion

  • Surrender Your Idols
    Peace in His Presence
    Angus Buchan

    Surrender Your Idols

    “You shall have no other gods before Me.” ~ Exodus 20:3

    Jesus loves you. He died for you and He can’t give you any more than that. However, because Jesus loves you, He set some commandments for you to live by.
         Are you serving other gods in your life? You need to lay down anything you are putting above God. It could be money, a high-fl ying career or social status. It could also be an addiction like a drinking problem that you can’t seem to beat. We can’t run the race that is before us if there are obstacles in our way. We can’t expect to lead people to Jesus if we are crippled in an area of our life by sin. The people won’t see Jesus; they will only see your hypocrisy. Please don’t misunderstand me; God is not asking you for perfection, He is asking you for holiness.
         The way of life He asks you to follow is for your benefit. Nothing we desire can compare with His ability to bless us. If God is asking you today to lay something down, it is because He wants something better for you. Repent and move on with a newly committed heart.

    Lord God, help me to surrender the idols in my life. I know they are nothing compared to the promises You have for me. Guide me step by step in letting go. Forgive me, Lord, for putting worldly things above You. Amen.