Curious (Paperback)

    Curious (Paperback)

    Tom Hughes
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    Be led into a new sense of confidence, not in yourself but in the God who loves you and calls you according to His good purpose.

    Did you know that of the 183 questions Jesus was asked, He answered only four of them directly? The other 179 He answered with questions (or sometimes a story). Questions are not the enemy of faith; they are the way Jesus most often helped people not just say the right things, but live the right ways. The joy, creativity, and the adventure you were created to live begin with asking the right questions and then living into the answers with God’s help.

    If you are wondering how to draw closer to Jesus and live your unique adventure with him, Curious will help you, question by question, step into the future God has for you. If you are a leader who wonders how to lead well without burning out, Curious will show you how, by asking the right questions, you can help empower those you influence to greater motivation and creativity as they live out their answers to these questions with God's help. As Jesus demonstrated, asking the right questions at the right time, and communicating them in the right spirit, can transform hearts and change the world.

    About the Author

    Tom Hughes was a radio journalist and morning host in Atlanta for over thirty years and is a member of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. He has resided in in-town Atlanta since 1977. This is his second book exploring a true crime from Atlanta's past. The first was Rich Georgian Strangely Shot: Eugene Grace, Daisy of the Leopard Spots, and the Great Atlanta Shooting of 1912" (McFarland 2012)."