Courage Dear Heart (Paperback)

    Courage Dear Heart (Paperback)

    Rebecca Reynolds
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    Christians ages 25 to 55 who with intellectual and emotional honesty wrestle with the chaos and brokenness of the world.

    “The world is broken. I am broken. And my need is dire.”

    This stark revelation is the path to divine surrender. Our courage has a chance to flourish when we reach a point where we have no control and nothing to lose.

    In a series of letters, Rebecca Reynolds uses imagery to breathe truth to the lonely, the weary, the restless, and afraid. If you feel the ache of brokenness, you will be refreshed by the source of all courage illuminated in these pages. God is available and wants to join you, in the midst of any mess. You can take heart. As Aslan of Narnia whispered (and only Lucy heard), Courage, dear heart.