The success of Louis' compositions of PSALMS surprised everyone! The reaction of listeners was: But there are more Psalms? Where are the rest? Louis didn't waste any time and involved several talented songwriters with the amazing result being Psalms 2 with an even fresher sound - it has been painted pink properly! Louis always enjoys working on the Psalms as the lyrics are very inspirational. The music of the Psalms disappeared with time, but it is rich, poetic words that praise God from many angles. PSALMS 2 gives Louis the chance to give attention to more of these amazing words and to compose it to music with his talented friends which is easy on the ear to Afrikaans people right across the world. Songwriters who helped Louis on PSALMS 2 include Gideon Botes, Jattie de Beer, Hannes van der Walt, Zander van der Westhuizen, Ella de Wit, Corlia Schutte and Hannes Grabe. People can look forward to the compositions of Psalm 8, 16, 23, 30, 40, 61, 84, 104, 119, 130, 136 and 148. The diverse nature of the Psalms ensure there is plenty of energy, deep worship and everything in between on the album.