Conquer (Paperback)

    Conquer (Paperback)

    Michael Youssef
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    Devil. Great deceiver. Evil one. Father of lies. Satan.

    Many names. One enemy. And whether you realize it or not, you are on a spiritual battlefield with this enemy every day. How do you prepare to defend yourself?

    In Conquer, Michael Youssef says you first need to know everything you can about your enemy. What are Satan’s strengths? What are his weaknesses? How does he like to attack? When is he most likely to attack? Are there areas of your life where you are vulnerable and he seems to control the battlefield?

    Only when you know your enemy inside and out can you plan and carry out a specific counterattack to defeat him. The final victory will be Christ’s, of course. That’s a promise from God. But as a Christian, you can actively take part in resisting the devil…and watching him flee.