Confidence (Paperback)

    Confidence (Paperback)

    Alan Loy McGinnis
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    A book to help readers succeed at being themselves.

    Do you believe in yourself? Do you have confidence in your own abilities? If not, can you change? “Yes,” says Alan Loy McGinnis. “You can rid yourself of many negative attitudes. You can gain a healthy self-confidence.”

    You will discover how to:

    • build inner strength
    • handle rejection
    • develop your uniqueness
    • keep your flaws in perspective
    • find a place to excel
    • expand your network of love
    • help others become more confident.

    These and other practical guidelines, along with fascinating stories and anecdotes, will show you how you can increase your self-confidence without falling into the trap of self-worship.

    About the author

    Alan Loy McGinnis (1933–2005) was a best-selling author, family therapist, business consultant, and popular speaker. After a twenty-year career as a minister, he became a counselor and co-founded the Valley Counseling Center in Glendale, California. He also authored more than fifty articles and several books.