Face To Face With God: Get Ready/Life-Changing Encounter With God (Paperback)

    Face To Face With God: Get Ready/Life-Changing Encounter With God (Paperback)

    Bill Johnson
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    Get Ready for a Life-Changing Encounter with God 

    This expanded edition of Bill Johnson’s popular book has questions for reflection and a prayer at the end of each chapter. This new material will encourage the reader to take what he has read and apply it in his own life.

    In Face to Face With God Bill Johnson helps you pursue God for greater measures of His presence in your own life, sharing the principles he has learned as well as real-life stories from his church and ministry. You will learn:

    • How to “set up an ambush” for God rather than just waiting on God
    • What it means to enter “the favor of His face” and how it changes history
    • How to deal with distractions that enter the mind during prayer/meditation time
    • The reward of keeping your eyes on the "Blesser" while reaching for His Blessings
    • What happens when God speaks directly as a result of obedience
    • How to move beyond the spiritual plateaus to ride the coming wave of revival

    About the Author

    As the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California, Bill Johnson, along with his wife, Brenda (Beni), has networked with a number of churches, crossing denominational lines, to bring revival and build relationships among church leaders.

    He is a sought-after international conference speaker and regularly conducts conferences with well-known speakers such as Mike Bickle, Randy Clark, Mario Murillo, and Mahesh Chavda. He is the author of several books, including The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind and When Heaven Invades Earth.