Brimstone (Paperback)

    Brimstone (Paperback)

    Hugh Halter
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    Should followers of Jesus judge others at all?

    In Brimstone Hugh Halter dares to tackles the topic of judgment by asking the hard questions, such as:

            Would Jesus bake a cake for a gay wedding?

            Since Jesus was the least judgmental person the world has ever seen, shouldn't the Christian movement be known by the same characteristics?

            How do we help friends realize they need Jesus without coming off as a judgmental?

    You will discover how to have a ministry of non-judgment by removing the category of judgment from your live completely. You will learn that the point of incarnational living is to take away all the lines in the sand that keep people from being drawn to you, and more importantly, Jesus.

    About the Author

    Hugh Halter is a pastor and popular author of numerous books including Flesh, The Tangible Kingdom, AND, Sacrilege, and Primer. Hugh and his wife, Cheryl, are presently enjoying the spoils of empty-nest living. They love to use their ranch as a haven of celebration, hospitality, and friendship to the lost and least on the south side of Denver.