Princess Joline (Hardcover)

    Princess Joline (Hardcover)

    Agnes De Bezenac & Salem De Bezenac
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    A fun, morally enriching book for girls, jam-packed with stories, games and activity ideas of princessy things to do.

    At some point every little girl dreams of being a princess. They just love to play dress up, put on flowing dresses, fancy shoes and a sparkling crown. What they don’t realize is that they already are princesses – in God’s eyes!

    Wannabe-princess Joline with her everyday life scenarios, experiences plenty of ups and downs, learning to choose the better way, by praying and asking for help from Jesus, the King of kings. Girls will realize that a real princess is not all that different from them. They do most things that we do every day, and sometimes things go wrong for them too. They are God’s princesses, and when they are filled with His love, they too can do noble things.

    A fun, morally enriching book for girls, Princess Joline is jam-packed with loads of stories, games and activity ideas of princessy things to do, like showing love and kindness.

    Also available in Afriaans under the title Prinses Joline

    About the Authors

    Agnes and Salem de Bezenac live with their two children in the country­side of France. Their love and devotion for children has led them to many a place and country, while gaining ex­perience through media productions and edu­cating children about life, good morals and biblical principles. One can tell through their books that they have a deep love for God and are happy to share it with kids in simple ways that they can un­der­stand, through art and positive illustrations. Agnes is also the illustrator of Big Bible, Little Me.