Big Questions (Paperback)

    Big Questions (Paperback)

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    A perspective like no other.

     Life is filled with big questions, and it seems everyone has a different answer. Whether from pop culture, political figures, conventional wisdom, or our friends, we are inundated with conflicting advice and opinions. Where can we go to find clear answers to the confusing issues we face? God is ready to give us the wisdom and insight needed to navigate the questions that seem too big for us:

            Will wars ever cease?

            Can our planet survive?

            How do I balance life’s demands?

            Is God really out there?

            Does God hear my prayers?

            Aren’t all religions the same?

    Answers to these questions are not simple. Only God has the vantage point needed to help us. He has a perspective like no other. God made the universe and holds it in His hands. He alone can answer our toughest questions.