NLT Standard Indexed Purple (LuxLeather)

    NLT Standard Indexed Purple (LuxLeather)

    Standard Bible
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    Bible readers of all ages will love these new NLT® Bibles. These Bibles feature a variety of contemporary cover designs in a quality canvas binding.

    Each Bible also boasts a functional zip feature that complements the fashionable designs while protecting the precious message inside.

        New Living Translation® LuxLeather Edition includes discussion sections on:


    ·         The life you’ve always wanted (how to live an abundant life).

    ·         From religion to relationship (Scripture verses about God’s plan, love, and sacrifice for us).

    ·         Prayer – the great conversation (Scripture verses to use when praying for different reasons).

    ·         Tackling the tough issues (Scripture verses that offer encouragement during times of difficulty).

    ·         Thematic Bible verse finder.