BibleGum: Fun Bible Lessons On Diligence (Paperback)

    BibleGum: Fun Bible Lessons On Diligence (Paperback)

    Agnes De Bezenac & Salem De Bezenac
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    24 fun Bible lessons teach kids more about diligence.

    Parents want their kids to learn good values that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. The BibleGum series will help parents teach their kids three biblical values – gratitude, self-control and diligence – in a fun and exciting way.

    The fun, educational activities like mazes, puzzles and pictures to color will teach kids that:

    ·       Gratitude makes life more enjoyable and meaningful

    ·       Self-control is the best weapon against temptation

    ·       Diligence leads to success.

    This series will help kids understand difficult concepts better and in a practical way, while teaching them good, biblical values for life

    Also available in Afriaans under the title Bybel-bytjie: Prettige Bybellesse oor fluksheid

    About the Authors

    Agnes and Salem de Bezenac live with their two children in the countryside of France. Their love and devotion for children has led them to many a place and country, while gaining experience through media productions and educating children about life, good morals and biblical principles. One can tell through their books that they have a deep love for God and are happy to share it with kids in simple ways that they can understand, through art and positive illustrations. Agnes is also the illustrator of Big Bible, Little Me.