KJV Family Bible (LuxLeather)

    KJV Family Bible (LuxLeather)

    Family Bible
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    The perfect family keepsake Bible with the complete King James Version text and classic illustrations by famous illustrator Gustave Doré.

    With more than six billion copies published, the Bible is the most popular book in the world, and the King James Bible is the most published Bible translation.

    KJV Family Bible brings the classic text of the King James Version home to every family. This edition boasts illustrations by Gustave Doré, a famous illustrator who is widely recognized for the en­gravings he made for an illustrated Bible, commonly known as the Doré Bible, in 1866. Each illustration is accompanied by a caption and relevant Scripture verses.

    KJV Family Bible is a family heirloom to be passed down through generations.


    Key selling points include:

    ·         An estimated one billion copies of the King James Bible have been published.

    ·         12-point font size.

    ·         Complete KJV text.

    ·         Space to record important family history such as births of children and grandchildren, weddings, baptisms and deaths.

    ·         66 classic illustrations by famous illustrator Gustave Doré.

    ·         One-year Bible reading plan.

    ·         Unique Scripture verse finder.