Storm (Paperback)

    Storm (Paperback)

    Reg Grant
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    Witness Martin Luther’s stand against Charles V and how God equipped him to stand strong amidst a raging storm.


    In the sixteenth century a storm called the Reformation swept across Europe, ravaging as well as cleansing. The rumblings began in Rome, where the church was trying to figure out a way to finance an enormous new Saint Peter’s Basilica. The corrupt leadership decided the fastest way to get the needed cash was to sell spiritual benefits called “indulgences” to parishioners. This was a piece of paper signed by an emissary of the pope granting “easy release” from purgatory. It is in this time that we meet a young cleric that condemned the use of indulgences and called for a return to Scriptures.

    Storm follows Martin Luther’s footsteps as he strides across the years, exciting one adventure only to step into another with the turn of a page. He stood for grace in a graceless age. He never backed down. Never wavered. Martin Luther stood firm through the storm for what he believed to be just and true. He didn’t tell us how to do it. He showed us how it should be done.

    Witness Luther’s stand against Charles V and his surprising romance with former nun Kate von Bora. View the societal changes that led to the Reformation and see how God equipped one extraordinary man to stand strong in the midst of the raging storm.


    Also available in Afriaans under the title Storm


    About the Author

    Dr. Reg Grant is Chair and Senior Professor of Media Arts and Worship at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Grant enjoys teaching courses in homiletics, drama, voice, crea­tive writing, and creative radio production. He also serves on the advisory boards for Nest Entertainment and Probe Ministries. Dr. Grant has coauthored several books and has written, produced, and acted for radio, television, theater, and film. He is married to Lauren and they have three children.