Beauty of Difference - Season Two (CD)

    Beauty of Difference - Season Two (CD)

    Neville D
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    Experience the beauty of diversity with Neville D.

    Beauty Of Difference: Season 2, is the second instalment from gospel artist and Dove Award Nominee, Neville D. Season 2 consists of two albums; an Afrikaans album titled Prag Van Verskil and an English album, both recorded live at Lifehouse Church in Cape Town. 2016 will see the release of Beauty Of Difference Season 2, a night of worship, the energetic and anointed full live concert recording featuring both languages, on DVD.

    Since the release of Beauty Of Difference Season 1 in 2014, Neville D journeyed on to unpacking what the title truly means, from the beautiful difference of race and colour, he believes Season 2 explores the beautiful differences in culture and generations. The most obvious expression of these themes can be found in the 75 member Beauty Of Difference Choir that Neville D put together. “Made up of men, women, boys and girls of all races and languages, there is no ways you cannot experience the beauty of difference there”, says Neville D.

    During Neville D’s growing years in the Cape Flats, local gospel stalwarts Tommy Saaiden and Simon Seekoei’s music could be heard on the Deidrick’s family’s LP Player day-in and day-out. Focusing on the beauty of generational differences, Neville D could think of no better local influencers that helped shaped his musical career to join him on the stage for the recording of Season 2.

    The album’s stand out tracks are No Body, Our God is bigger and God of the Universe. Idols winner Khaya Mthethwa joins Neville D on the hit song Our God Is Awesome. Legendary Jazz Diva Judith Sephuma, joins Neville D on the track Beauty Of Difference, along with Patrick Duncan on the song Neville D wrote during the Xenaphobic attacks, Pray.

    A notable message has come through after the success of the Season 2 recording…people need people. Neville explains “From the organization, to the intricacies of the event itself… people might not admit that people need people, as it may sound like a weakness, I believe it to be the opposite. It becomes a strength if you can acknowledge where your expertise ends and where theirs starts… another beauty of difference”. Neville D emphasizes for those wanting to succeed in any aspect of life, “always remain teachable…from God, and people of all ages”.

    About Neville D

    Neville D started playing guitar from the age of 12. Having been a musician, speaker, worship leader, songwriter and producer for over 10 years Neville D has developed into a well rounded entertainer of note. His talent came under the spotlight with the release of his debut album, Calling My Name in 1999, which was followed by Until the Whole World Knows, The Back to Church Project and The Gospel according to Cape Town (compilation album).

    As a songwriter, he has written with and for great artists such as Judith Sephuma (A call) and Israel Houghton (Identity). He has shared stages with artists and musicians such as Keith Sweat, Deborah Cox, Joe, Ernie Smith, Musa Manzini, Rebecca Malope, The Cape Town Symphony Orchestra and Allou April.