Be Mean About The Vision (Paperback)

    Be Mean About The Vision (Paperback)

    Shaun Love Joy
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    Almost every organization has a vision.

    Few ever accomplish it. Even after short-term success in it, fewer stay true to it over time. Be Mean: Relentlessly Protecting the Vision is about regaining or sustaining the trajectory of the vision over time. It’s about staying true to the vision. Lovejoy explains that this requires understanding the importance of vision, developing a vision you’re willing to die for, and keeping the vision from being compromised or even hijacked.

    Though many books have been written on the subject of developing mission or vision statements, there have been few written on how to sustain or protect the vision over time. Shawn has dealt with hundreds of leaders in ministry and has seen countless struggle with keeping everyone on board with the mission and how to align the rest of the organization with the vision. Shawn Lovejoy walks you through the experiences that have taught him to Be Mean, and shows you a strategy of Relentlessly Protecting the Vision.

    About the Author

    Shawn Lovejoy is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Mountain Lake Church, Co-Founder of, and author of The Measure of Our Success: An Impassioned Plea to Pastors. He writes on his own widespread ministry blogs at and Shawn also is a contributing writer for the widespread ministry blogs, and In the last fourteen years, Mountain Lake Church has grown from the Lovejoy living room, to over 3,000 people attending each weekend on several campuses. Shawn has led the church in developing multi-site locations and planting multiple churches in some of the most challenging places in the world.